Handmade Doll Cradle

  New at Kurthwood Cottage   I have wanted to add doll beds handmade at Kurthwood Cottage for a very long time, and I’m happy to say that day is here  The first one we’re offering is a baby doll cradle.  It comes complete with a mattress and pillow in a choice of coverings.  Made […]

Doll Bed Sheet Set - "Southern Belle"

  Made for doll beds, this is a tiny taste of vintage “Southern Belle” bedding.  The top sheet and pillow case have been hand embroidered and have a hand crocheted edging.  The little white underskirt has been crocheted and the pink edging extends over the top of it and then along the edge.  This set […]

Sleepy Bear Doll Sheet Set

  Hand embroidered little bear sleeping in some flowers.  Hand crocheted edging in pink and white.  This set was made to fit 18″ doll beds however it could be made in the size and colors to fit other sizes.  Please feel free to contact me for a custom order.   -Debbie    

Embroidered Heart Pillow Sham

  Thinking Valentine’s day here, but this sweet heart would be perfect for any day of the year.  Hand embroidered from an antique embroidery pattern using shades of petal pink and soft blue on a creamy off white background.  The pillow sham is made to fit an 8″ x 6″ pillow with an envelope style […]

Meghan's Little Ballerina


  I always feel like the doll bedding I make isn’t completed until it is with it’s “home”.  So I very much welcome and enjoy customer images.  I have to say, I hit the mother load of sweetness with this little customer’s pictures To go with the cradle her Grandfather was giving her for Christmas, […]

Carrie's Doll Cradle

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Such a find!  Carrie had just picked up this adorable little doll cradle and had contacted me to make a mattress/pillow set and bedding to fit it.  With a minimum of discussion back and forth, she knew exactly what she wanted.   A pink/cream ticking stripe mattress and pillow.     A hand embroidered “ribbon […]