About Kurthwood Cottage



Welcome to my blog.  I make and sell  custom handmade doll bedding.  This includes doll mattress & pillow sets,  hand embroidered doll sheet sets with crocheted edgings, and authentically made quilts scaled to doll size.  Because doll beds come in such a wide variety of sizes, the bulk of what I do is custom designed to the style and size the customer needs.  I have created bedding to fit sizes from dollhouse miniature beds to large sized doll beds using a wide variety of patterns and colors. I do a lot of the work by hand using techniques which give a traditional vintage feel. When I have time, I also make a few common sized items which I then list on etsy.

I have always felt that the doll bedding I make is not complete until it finds it’s intended home with the customer. This blog will be a place for customer pictures and comments and also to meet future customers.  I hope for this blog to be geared toward the things that inspire, the things we like or don’t like, and the things we do with our time.  In an atmosphere more personal than my website and broader than through personal email.  Looking forward to being here, I also look forward to seeing YOU here.

Thank you for stopping by.  Please feel free to stay a while.