Carrie’s Doll Cradle

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Such a find!  Carrie had just picked up this adorable little doll cradle and had contacted me to make a mattress/pillow set and bedding to fit it.  With a minimum of discussion back and forth, she knew exactly what she wanted.



A pink/cream ticking stripe mattress and pillow.




A hand embroidered “ribbon and flower” sheet set with pink hand crocheted edging.




And a blanket made with the pink/cream ticking stripe.    I thought this fabric would be too thick to be used this way and would end up more like a big pot holder.  Actually though, in all the years I’ve used this fabric I had never tried it for anything but mattress and pillow sets.  So I decided to give it a try and was very happy with the results.  With a very thin batting and hand quilted it was softer and cuddlier than I expected.  So many times customers have told me that they hate to cover up their pink ticking mattresses.   And now there’s a way to have pink ticking on the top too.  Thank you Carrie for the suggestion and little push.  :)


And here’s the sweetest little doll cradle all ready to become a new family heirloom.




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